How to Benefit From Home Schooling Internet Resources Whether You Home School or Not!

The Learning Curve August 8, 2011 Terry Neven Part 1

How to Benefit From Home Schooling Internet Resources Whether You Home School or Not!

What internet resources are there available to help you help your kids get good grade?

Roger & Virginia interview Terry Neven, the Administrator of the Sundland Home School Program.  Terry founded Sundland in 1981.  In 2008, Terry, Sundland and their attorneys won the case before the California Supreme Court that established as law the right of caring parents to home school their children.  This win established the precedent that affected home-schooling rights for all Americans.

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Terry runs the “Home School Program” at which we recommend listeners go to to feast on the available resources provided.

See the High School Manual here:

In this interview key issues are addressed, such as:

  •  To home school or not — all questions are answered.
  •  How home schooling recovers and enhances your best relationships with your child.
  •  Only 52 minutes in a six hour school day is spent actually learning in a conventional school.
  • Learn about the superior scholastic achievement of home schooled children.
  •  Is the public school system really just tax sponsored daycare?
  • The Montessori Method works very easily with the home schooling environment.
  •  Student learning styles are facilitated and worked with so the child’s natural ability to learn is enhanced.
  •  Why some parents choose to home school to protect their children from the conventional system.
  • Choosing an accredited program so your home school work is accepted academically for college entry.
  • Erasing the unfounded fears of whether or not you will succeed in home schooling.

And much, much more.

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