Has Your Child Been Wrongly Diagnosed with ADHD? How Big is the Risk of Misdiagnosis?

The Learning Curve October 10, 2011

Has Your Child Been Wrongly Diagnosed with ADHD?  How Big is the Risk of Misdiagnosis?

2007 US government stats state 5.4 million children have been given an ADHD diagnosis.  The most recent figures are much higher.

This week’s guest, Dr. Frank Barnhill, M.D., author of Mistaken for ADHD, reveals the incidence of wrong diagnosis is something in the order of 20%-40%!

Kids in the conventional educational system are at real risk of being misdiagnosed, mistreated and mishandled.

This is a program that should outrage many parents.

Dr. Barnhill reveals some of the egregious reasons for this calamity.  He reveals the classic symptoms too often mistaken for ADHD —and more importantly, he takes us through the lessons all parents, teachers and professionals need to be aware of so they can be sure to get a correct diagnosis and properly help their children.

Learn about the “Medical Zebras” that look, taste and feel like ADHD, but aren’t!

Hear how a 13 year old girl suffering from hypothyroidism was incorrectly diagnosed and treated incorrectly with nearly calamitous result.  Hear how a boy being bullied when transferred to a new school became withdrawn and then misdiagnosed; and then hear how Dr. Barnhill got it corrected and saved the lad.

Learn how non-ADHD siblings are affected by their relationship with an ADHD brother or sister.

Learn what the three core symptoms of ADHD are.  Knowing them will help you not be fooled.

Find out how to get a doctor who is properly trained and qualified to diagnose correctly this troubling condition.

Parents need to hear this interview of Roger and Virginia on The Learning Curve with Dr. Frank Barnhill, M.D. so they can protect their children from the system’s errors.

Dr. Frank Barnhill, M.D., author of Mistaken for ADHD  http://www.ADHDbehavior.com and  http://www.mistakenforadhd.com


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