What are the Real Benefits to You and Your Child of Going to Camp?

The Learning Curve February 6, 2012 — ACA

What are the Real Benefits to You and Your Child of Going to Camp?

Did you know many families go to camp as a family rather then sending the kids off alone?

Today’s guest is Peg L. Smith, the Chief Executive Officer of the American Camp Association, where she has been for over a decade. She has had a wonderful career and extensive experience in childhood, adolescent and young adult work.  With her BS in early childhood and family studies, she began her career in 1974 as a Head Start Teacher.  Later, in 1977 she created a career program that was implemented in five counties inIndianafor young people, following which she made Director of the Head Start Program for Child and Adult Resource Services.

Eventually in 1991, due to her performance in a number of other positions, Peg was appointed to the staff of the Governor of Indiana as Director of the Governor’s Step Ahead Initiative, and while there she also created the first Bureau of Child Development for the State and in 1995 became the director of the Indiana Youth Initiative.

Peg has vast experience in the service of and helping youngsters, so she is well qualified to give us some points of wisdom on how best to serve our children.

Hear Peg explain how best to select a camp for your child.

  • Should you make a whole family holiday out of it?
  • What special camp experiences are available?
  • How can you plan it so your child’s regular school grades benefit?
  • What other benefits can you anticipate from a properly planned camp for your child?
  • What funding and financial arrangements you can benefit from?

Peg is a font of wonderful information in this show with reference to the above and many other topics you’ll want to know about.

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