Dyslexia is Not Correctly Understood — It is Not Really a Disability but May Well Be the Expression of a Higher Level Ability.

The Learning Curve June 27, 2011

Roger & Virginia interview Mira and Mark Halpert of 3DLearner.com.  Mira is a practicing school teacher who has been featured on CBS showing her revolutionary answers to the “learning disabilities” experienced by those labeled as being “dyslexic.”  What we reveal in this show are the extraordinary abilities and true potential these children (and adults) have along with how to best harness and take advantage of what conventional wisdom sees as a “disability.”  Mark and Mira reveal a statistic of thirty-three percent of students are being labeled as “disabled” for having what they refer to as being “right brain learners.”  In actuality, these folks are holographic in their thought processes, and learning style, which mode of action actually gives them huge advantages in real life.  Listeners will be able to benefit from hearing how a correct understanding of these phenomena along with a correct address to them both in the learning process and in life can yield superior results.  This is part one of a two part show with Mira and Mark Halpert of 3DLearner.com.


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