What Are the Mind Processes You Can Help Your Child With So They Read Easily and Well?

The Learning Curve December 19, 2011 Jeffrey Pflaum 1

What Are the Mind Processes You Can Help Your Child With So They Read Easily and Well?

Today’s guest with Roger & Virginia on The Learning Curve is Jeffrey Pflaum, the author of Motivating Teen and Preteen Readers: How Teachers and Parents and Teachers Can Lead the Way.

Jeffrey is a 34 year veteran of teaching in the New York City School System where he achieved spectacular results in the classroom.  He and his work have been widely cited in publications dealing with education and is featured on the Education Resource Information Centerat Teachers’ College, Columbia University and Indiana University.  Also at the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning,Illinois University.

Jeffrey is also a BAM! Street Journal Blogger at the BAM Radio Network serving the education community.

Hear Jeffrey revel how reading is all about “an internal life” and that there is a “reading process” that you can help your children learn.

Hear how Jeffrey taught his students that words can excite and incite young readers to create three-dimensional concepts and images; and that reading is like a 3D virtual reality created by the reader.

Jeffrey’s book is available at your local bookstore, Amazon.com and B&N.

Jeffrey can be contacted at  jeffreyppflaum@gmail.com


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Roger and Virginia at The Learning Curve


Dyslexia is Not Correctly Understood — It is Not Really a Disability but May Well Be the Expression of a Higher Level Ability.

The Learning Curve June 27, 2011

Roger & Virginia interview Mira and Mark Halpert of 3DLearner.com.  Mira is a practicing school teacher who has been featured on CBS showing her revolutionary answers to the “learning disabilities” experienced by those labeled as being “dyslexic.”  What we reveal in this show are the extraordinary abilities and true potential these children (and adults) have along with how to best harness and take advantage of what conventional wisdom sees as a “disability.”  Mark and Mira reveal a statistic of thirty-three percent of students are being labeled as “disabled” for having what they refer to as being “right brain learners.”  In actuality, these folks are holographic in their thought processes, and learning style, which mode of action actually gives them huge advantages in real life.  Listeners will be able to benefit from hearing how a correct understanding of these phenomena along with a correct address to them both in the learning process and in life can yield superior results.  This is part one of a two part show with Mira and Mark Halpert of 3DLearner.com.


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