Roger & Virginia at The Learning Curve

All of life is a Learning Curve.

In fact the ability to learn is vital to the success of all of us—particularly for our children.

But there’s a dirty little secretmodern educational practices get in the way of our natural ability to learn. That’s why school grades are so often disastrous and it is why so many adults have difficulty succeeding in later life.

The Learning Curve is vital listening for parents who want their kids to succeed in either conventional schooling or home-schooling, for educators who want to improve performance, and for all who want to succeed in life.

The Learning Curve discusses proven answers on:

  • How to learn and how to teach successfully,
  • What the barriers to comprehension are,
  • How to recover failed students,
  • How to prevent study failure in the first place,
  • And how continued learning relates to success in life.

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