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As we said in our June 6, 2012 post, The website is a treasure trove of resources for parents, teachers and students.

Scholastic - Read Every Day. Lead a Better Life

To Keep Kids’ READING Skills Sharp:

With the Scholastic Reading Timer kids can set personal reading goals, using the built-in stopwatch to reach their target number of reading minutes. Kids can then log their daily minutes and keep track of their cumulative time spent reading each day, week and month. From May 1 to August 31, kids can also register for the Scholastic Summer Challenge and use the app to log their reading minutes to help break the Scholastic world record for summer reading.  To keep kids motivated, there is a virtual prize wheel kids can spin to earn and collect fun rewards. Parents can use the app to check their kids’ reading progress, and they can access book lists for all ages and daily reading tips provided by the literacy experts at Scholastic.

Storia®, the FREE eReading app specifically designed to support kids’ reading, also helps parents monitor kids’ reading progress. Storia, which comes with FIVE FREE eBooks, offers access to a wide variety of age-appropriate titles for children from toddler to teen. The selections are carefully curated to offer a range of children’s digital picture, chapter and interactive eBooks on a variety of topics and reading levels that are presented in a way that is true to the original print versions. A selection of Storia eBooks are enriched with fun, educational activities including vocabulary games, comprehension activities and fun video content as a reward when kids finish the book.On Storia, parents can set up individual bookshelves for each of their children, purchase new eBooks, and track a child’s reading progress through each book. Parents can find out which words the child learned, how many pages they read, and how long their child spent reading each day.   

The Scholastic Teacher Site:
The Teacher Site  on  serves as the content and e-Commerce hub for everything a teacher needs most for use in the classroom.  More than 1.6 million visitors to each week access over 100,000 pages of free content and teaching resources as well as the Book Wizard® search tool that helps teachers find just-right books for their students. They can also purchase books and classroom materials through Scholastic Book Clubs  and the Scholastic Teacher Store online™.

Within the Teacher Site there are resources for Parents, Kids, Administrators, Librarians 
Kids:  (8-12) (3-7)


Multiple Intelligence: Did You Know Your Child is Blessed With It?  Do You Know How to Harness it so Your Child Wins at School and in Life?                   fb:
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Proud to be a PTPA Award Winner!

NEW!!  Parents’ Playbook for Learning



Champ Performance           

Effective two-way communication is one of the most overlooked
and under-utilized attributes of success for anyone working toward a common goal.
Champion Performance Development can provide you with the knowledge, skill and
ability to make communication one of your core strengths.

Within the concept of interpersonal communication, the single most essential success
factor is productive conflict. Conflict is commonly used as a negative word and many
people believe it should be avoided. Here at Champion Performance Development we
see productive conflict as a strategic balancing act.

We can help find the balance so the politics and drama that often derail even the best
performers become a non-issue; allowing you and your team to focus on winning
strategies whether you are competing on the corporate ladder or the athletic field.


Tools of Learning for Children          Frontline Phonics Logo Ad

Tools of Learning for Children began as an organization wanting to help all young children learn phonics in a pre-school setting.  Initially we focused on dyslexia but found that the introduction of learning programs can be very effective for all children.

From our inception (2001), we functioned as an arm of the Solano Community Foundation. In our 6th year, when the federal law prevented us from continuing our relationship with the Foundation, we became a 501c3 Corporation. We have provided materials to preschools and have helped over 2000 children per year. Tools of Learning for Children has been a 100% volunteer effort because it is our intent to use the maximum amount of our revenues (generous donations) for the distribution of educational materials. Our Charitable Corporation Tax Identification Number is 32-0194489.


How To Beat Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities, Child Behavior Problems and ADHD

Labels like Dyslexia, a Learning Disability or ADHD can be helpful but they often miss one key point about most smart struggling students — they learn differently.

At 3D Learner, we leave the labels at the door and start with the following 3 questions:

Does your child remember details from places visited, even from years ago?

Does your child learn best when they see and experience information?

Does your child have the potential to do much better?

If this describes your child, there is a good chance they are a right-brained learner.

Go to to find out more.



Sunland Homeschooling

Sunland is an accredited private school offering homeschool (Kindergarten – 12th) to families throughout the United States. Sunland offers a variety of approaches; textbooks, workbooks, online courses, college classes or a combination. Sunland was involved in the California Court of Appeal ruling (2008), Untitled-1cdeclaring homeschooling as legal in California for the first time!


Access for Knowledge Learning Centers

Children learn as easily as they breathe.  They touch, they listen, they taste, they see, they ask questions.  They are always learning.

If this is true, how can it be that a child could have a learning problem, achieve low grades or fall behind in his studies?

Each Access for Knowledge Learning Center offers the combination of a proven regime of prescriptive learning and Access tools for improving self-esteem and promoting a health, joyous self-image.  When the joys gets back into learning, students begin to succeed.


Cherokee Creek Boys School Welcome

The small school with a big heart tagline

At Cherokee Creek Boys School, our mission is to challenge boys and their families to discover what is real and true about themselves and the world around them.

Cherokee Creek Boys School is a licensed and accredited therapeutic boarding school for struggling middle school boys ages 11-15.

Our boys face challenges with: ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Defiant Behavior Learning Style Differences, Grief & Loss, Bullying and more.

Visit to learn more about our unique approach.


A place of hope and possibility, where children and families play, laugh, heal, and thrive.

Have the challenges of ADD, ADHD, OCD, Autism, PTSD, defiance, lying, nightmares, temper tantrums, stealing, depression, school challenges, social problems, sibling rivalry, aggression, anxiety… taken a toll on you, your child, and, your family?

What if it could be easier? We are here to help you regain peace in your home. Our services include family therapy, play therapy, individual therapy, marital counseling, parenting groups, social skills groups, as well as other groups, workshops, and classes.

Welcome to the Child & Family Play Therapy Center!


Product Details    Most doctors who evaluate children for ADHD are probably not adequately trained to do so!  Mistaken for ADHD is your guide to help you take charge and be a strong advocate in making sure your child’s behavior problem is thoroughly evaluated and treated.

Between the covers of this book you’ll discover stories of children misdiagnosed as ADHD and how those ADHD-mimicking disorders or Zebras, as Dr, Frank refers to them, were properly diagnosed and treated.


Michelle Vallene – Learners Lane

Parents Are a Child’s First Teachers. They are a Child’s Most Important Teachers.

What Children Need to Learn to READ – the complete parents’ guide to ensuring literacy, a love of reading and school readiness – Birth through the Early Grades edition.

Packed with age-appropriate tips, techniques, fun activities, checklists and common-sense suggestions, this one-of-a-kind book will answer your questions, boost your confidence, and prepare you for one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do!

Finalist for the Foreword’s Book of the Year Awards in the Parenting category.



     webassets/SPLogo.jpg  Socratic Parenting LLC        

Know Yourself – Know Your Child

Imagine a parenting technique that doesn’t tell you what to do, but teaches the art of self-discovery that can be implemented with your child for their benefit.

The big question parents should be asking is: when it works, why is it working; and if it doesn’t work, why not?

Laurie Gray, founder of Socratic Parenting, advocates using “open inquiry” questions with your child instead of telling and indoctrinating, which leads to greater self-discovery and appreciation of truth,



The American Camp Association is a community of camp professionals who, for 100 years, have joined together to share our knowledge and experience and to ensure the quality of camp programs. Because of our diverse 9,000 plus membership and our exceptional programs, children and adults have the opportunity to learn powerful lessons in community, character-building, skill development, and healthy living — lessons that can be learned nowhere else.


Math Solutions

Math Solutions is dedicated to improving students’ learning of mathematics by providing the highest-quality professional development services, products and resources to educators,

High-quality teaching is the single most important factor for raising student achievement.

Math Solutions Education Specialists come to you and work at your school, district or a nearby location.  We can focus on content knowledge for any curriculum or program and help you prepare teachers and students for success in mathematics.


How to Tutor Your Own Child  Tutoring today is a $4 billion industry–yes, billion–with companies like Sylvan Learning Center and Kaplan Tutoring cashing in. What are parents of today’s overextended students to do? If only there were a resource closer to home that was easy, free, and able to provide the same quality of service. But there is: you.

Top professional tutor Marina Koestler Ruben empowers you to take a do-it-yourself approach to your child’s after-school enrichment. You will learn how provide holistic academic support for your children and create an intellectual environment in the home—strengthening your relationship and improving parent-child communication in the process.


123 Kindergarten

   Do you have a child who will be going to kindergarten this year, or in the next 5 years?  Did you know that children who start school ready for kindergarten have a better chance at a positive school outcome?  This book and website feature tips and information on kindergarten readiness.

Children are 20% of the population and 100% of the future.


Soul Shoppe

Soul Shoppe supports school communities by providing interactive programs and tools that teach students powerful learning and life skills.

In addition to working with students, we also support staff by creating and facilitating dynamic staff development trainings that give teachers the necessary tools to implement academic and personal growth.


Are You Really Ready for College?: A College Dean’s 12 Secrets for Success – what high school students don’t know



Amazon link to the book:


Parent At the Helm (PATH) Homeschooling

What Are the Real Advantages of You Participating in Your Child’s Education?

Linda Dobson, author ofThe First Year of Homeschooling Your Child, and eight other books on helping your child’s education.                                                                      Books By Linda Dobson ArtofEdCover

Linda has a treasure trove of information on her website:

Why Are We Afraid Of Switching to Homeschooling?  By Linda Dobson


 Get the Best Education, Online

STIZZiL delivers premium quality, convenient and safe online enrichment programs and tutoring sessions conducted by experienced, state-licensed educators through a unique online experience which combines web, video, and audio technologies.

Learn about STIZZiL

We know that you want to work with an online education company that is reputable, experienced, premium quality, effective, approachable, enjoyable and safe. Take a look at the videos below from STIZZiL founder Elaine Sigal, STIZZiL educators, and customers to see how we deliver what’s important to you.


Scientific Learning

Scientific Learning delivers online learning acceleration programs that enable students to make dramatic, enduring gains in academic performance. Our unique approach combines the science of learning with proprietary, adaptive technologies in a variety of learning environments. More than 250 research studies from thousands of schools over 15 years demonstrate the effectiveness of our programs for students at a range of performance levels—from below basic to advanced, and across multiple subject areas.


What is Integrated Learning? Why Are American Students Behind Other Nations in Science Education, and What can Be Done About it?

Lisa Niver Rajna is an honest-to-goodness science teacher working in the trenches at K-6.

Visit Lisa’s website at



Our friend and guest here on The Learning Curve, Jeffrey Pflaum, has a nice review of his book: Motivating Young Readers on here; Motivating young readers – book review

J. Pflaum


Product Details

Raising Your Teenager provides the solid, proven methods that actually work to help parents and teens develop the kind of healthy relationship that lasts a lifetime.