The Parent-Teacher Home Visit Project—What a Wonderful Idea This is!

The Parent-Teacher Home Visit Project—What a Wonderful Idea This is!

Wonderful results have been achieved by implementing the simple idea that if teachers visited parents in their homes, both could work together more productively to benefit the child student.

Carie Rose is the Director of The Parent-Teacher Home Visit Project

This simple, wonderful idea is now a nationwide activity achieving great results.

Since 1998, the Parent/Teacher Home Visit Project non-profit members have created stronger home/school partnerships that support students and transform schools.  Home visits lead to increased parent involvement, reduced disciplinary problems, improved attendance, and increased student achievement.

Home visits also lead to trusting, respectful relationships between parents and teachers, creating the foundation for understanding and cooperation between home and school that is critical to every student’s success.

Families report greater understanding of graduation requirements, student status and available site based resources — if needed.

Educators report greater understanding and connection to their entire school community and each student’s individual learning needs.

Studies of successful home visit pilots have documented the many benefits of home visits, including:

Home Visits Create Partnerships:

  • Increasing parental involvement
  • Developing trust and understanding among parents and teachers
  • Identifying common goals for students
  • Helping parents learn how to better help their children

Home Visits Improve School Climate:

  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Fewer suspensions and expulsions
  • Improved communication between home and school
  • Shared accountability

Home Visits Increase Student Achievement:

  • Improved test scores
  • Higher school-wide API scores
  • Improved accountability for students, parents, and teachers

Home visits work with schools and districts in eleven states having adopted our model.  Home visits work for parents. They work for educators. And, most importantly, they work for students.

For more information about Home Visits contact:

Carrie Rose, Director, The Parent-Teacher Home Visit Project 

Or email:   Phone:  916/448-5290

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